"And you will laugh like you've never been lonely"

Portland, Oregon
  • Be strong and do not fear. #whpontheroad (at Washington Family Ranch Antelope, Oregon)

  • Autumn for me is always a juxtaposition of comfort and melancholy. It’s my favorite season and always reminds me that change is beautiful, even if there is something to grieve as life moves on. 

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    White Roses, Vincent Van Gogh (1890)

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  • In awe of Oregon. 

    "We stood

    steady as the stars in the woods

    so happy-hearted

    and the warmth rang true inside these bones

    as the old pine fell we sang

    just to bless the morning”

    -Ben Howard

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    At least some of these are Home. Oregon, sometimes I do miss you.

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    hidden in the glorious wildness like unmanned gold | john muir

    { gnp | highline trail }

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